Repossession App and Website For Banks and NBFCs


The Repossession App and Website named Easy Recovery are designed and developed by Fulminous Software. Our skilled team used their deep knowledge in the latest technologies and integrated their innovation into this unique project of developing the first website, and app that assists banks and NBFCs in the whole vehicle repossession procedure. The main goal of this project was to develop a unified platform for vehicle repossession that minimized the paperwork and repetitive tasks involved in this repossession procedure. The Fulminous Website and Mobile application development team have successfully designed and developed this unique and feature-rich website and application.

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Helpful and Profitable Website and App For Banks and NBFCs

Fulminous Software has delivered an exceptional Repossession App and Website, EsayRcovery, designed specifically for Banks and NBFCs. Website and application development solution from Fulminous optimizes vehicle recovery operations with intuitive UI/UX interfaces, real-time updates, and robust data security. For empowering financial institutions with streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency in repossession management, our app and website ensure seamless operations and client satisfaction.

Unique features EasyRecovery Website & App

  • Perfect Dashboard
  • Accounting
  • Smooth User ID Creation
  • Mobile App in Offline
  • Easy File Uploading
  • Safe and Secure Data Sharing
  • Accurate Reportst
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Repossession App and Website For Banks and NBFCs

  • Web Development Technologies:NET core, EF Core, Micro-service based architecture, MS SQL, HangeFire Jobs, SingalR, Angular JS, Jquery JavaScript Search Infrastructure:-Elastic Search, Kibana, Logstash
  • Mobile Development Technologies: React-Native, Android, IOS, Docker,Docker-Compose, Nginx,
  • Servers: Aws M Series


As it was a new initiative and idea to develop a uniform repossession platform for Banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions, the challenges faced by the Fulminous Software team during the development process were also unique. Let’s see what are the challenges we faced during the development of the website and app for EasyRecovery.


Project with Unique idea

The idea of creating an app for assisting Banks, NBFCs, and other agencies in repossession procedures was a unique one. As it is the first such app and website, it was challenging to fulfill the requirements and features asked by the client.


Huge amount of data upload

As this app and website deal with data of debts of various customers, there is demand for adding an option for uploading a huge amount of data. At the same time, the access to data varies for different types of users, so adding both features was another challenge.


Integration of offline Working

The client also asked to add the feature to access the data and get notifications even in offline mode. The task of adding this feature of syncing data, maintaining user experience across devices, managing connectivity fluctuations, and securing offline consistency was another challenge for our development team.


A large number of users

The same website and app are used by a large number of users including admin, office staff, and repo agents in each Bank, NBFC, or agency. The challenge was to provide access for all users and the type of access was also different for all users.


The Problem-solving ability, experience, and expertise of the Fulminous team collectively solved all the challenges faced during the development process of the EasyRecovery website and application. The solutions and tactics implemented by the whole Fulminous team to address the challenges of developing these unique platforms are mentioned below.


Innovative solutions

The website and app development team of Fulminous Software is a neverending source of innovative ideas. In the project, we succeeded by developing the world’s first app that helps in the repossession of vehicles with our incredible creativity and proficiency.


Unlimited data uploading feature

With the excellence of our skilled website and app developers, we have integrated the feature to upload unlimited data for users. We have also customized the data access feature according to the category of users. This empowers users with unparalleled flexibility and convenience, facilitating efficient data management and collaboration across platforms.


Easy access even in offline mode

We have added the feature to sync one time and work even in offline mode. Users can enjoy effortless access anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Website and mobile application developers from Fulminous Software ensure seamless functionality in offline mode for uninterrupted usage convenience.


Easy user creation and profile management

Our website and app developers have introduced smooth user creation and simplified profile management functionalities in the EsayRecovery website and application. Users can easily set up accounts and customize profiles, enhancing user convenience and optimizing engagement across platforms. The admin user can monitor the work and location of other subordinate users.

The Results

The owners of EasyRecovery are 100% satisfied with the outstanding web-app development services of Fulminous Software. Fulminous exceeded the expectations of the EasyRecovery business owners with innovation and proficiency in website and mobile app development. As the banks and NBFCs are happy with using this feature-rich app and website, the EasyRecovery owners are getting continuous growth in their ROI. NBFCs, Banks, and their agencies are now able to handle the vehicle repossession process more organized and easily with these platforms. They can track, monitor, and manage the whole process through the website and app crafted by Fulminous. The number of users of this trending app and website developed by Fulminous is increasing rapidly and reached 15000+ because it cuts down repetitive paperwork, and reduces the time and cost involved in vehicle repossession.

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