Our refund policy varies depending on the product or service you have purchased. Please refer to the specific product or service page for details on the refund policy. In general, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for our products and services. To request a refund, please contact our customer support team at support@fulminoussoftware.com within the specified refund period. We may ask for additional information to process your refund request, such as your order number or proof of purchase. Once we receive your refund request, we will process it as soon as possible. Refunds may take up to 10 business days to appear on your account, depending on your bank or credit card issuer.

We do not offer refunds for products or services that have been customized or personalized for you. We also do not offer refunds for digital products that have been downloaded or accessed. If you have received a defective or damaged product, please contact our customer support team immediately to request a replacement or refund.

If you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy, please contact our customer support team at help@fulminous.tech. We are here to help you with any issues you may have with our products and services.