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If you seek a PPC Management Agency adept at crafting and executing impactful PPC campaigns, your search ends with Fulminous. Our Pay Per Click solutions are tailored to draw consistent, high-quality traffic, enhance your ad campaign's performance, and elevate your ROI. Fulminous holds the proven recipe for PPC triumph.

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fulminous PPC Campaign Management

Enhance Your ROI through Expert PPC Campaign Management

Leverage the expertise of Fulminous' marketing team for a precise PPC strategy and effective budget control. Our proficiency spans AdWords PPC Marketing Management, Google Ads management, and high-conversion content creation. Aligned with the latest trends, we tailor a unique PPC plan to boost sales, revenue, and search engine ranking.


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Our PPC Management Approach

We undertake every PPC project under our flexible approach, aiming to improve ad campaigns and your brand's awareness. Our process includes the following:

fulminous software requirement discussion and data gathering

Requirement Discussion and Data Gathering

To kick off any PPC project, Fulminous engages in comprehensive data gathering from its clients. We opt for meetings, interviews, questionnaires, and surveys. These methods provide us with a deep understanding of your business, target audience, stakeholders, and competitors, enriching our marketing plan and keyword research.

fulminous software current account analysis

Current Account Analysis

In cases where you already have a PPC account, we conduct a thorough audit, adhering to industry standards, our tailored checklist, and specific requirements. Our experts meticulously scrutinize each component, culminating in a comprehensive report on your current status. This evaluation identifies areas for improvement.

fulminous software project initiation meeting

Project Initiation Meeting

Post the review of your needs, desired metrics, and the state of your PPC account, we initiate a kickoff meeting. Our team deliberates on all project specifications, sharing process details, timelines, and cost estimates. This initiates a seamless communication channel between you and our PPC team for progress updates and reporting.

fulminous software keyword research and management

Keywords Research and Management

Once the project is underway, we begin enhancing your PPC account by identifying relevant keywords related to your business. The complete keyword report is shared with you for approval. These approved keywords are then utilized to optimize your brand's reach.

fulminous software account configurations

Account Configuration/Revamping

In this phase, our PPC team revamps your account according to updated standards and business objectives. We address aspects like copywriting, match types, extensions, Ad design, negative keywords, target configurations, and all other settings. Furthermore, we meticulously document these changes for future reference.

fulminous software relevant ad placement

Relevant Ad Placement Searching

Before crafting ad content for your brand, we strategically identify the most relevant online spaces for ad placement. As an AdWords management agency, we leverage top-ranking keywords for crafting your ad copies. Once we identify prime ad placement locations, our team commences the ad design process.

fulminous software ad designing and writing

Ad Designing and Writing

Our accomplished copywriters and designers are tasked with creating captivating ad copies. We strictly adhere to ethical content creation, ensuring plagiarism-free material. Our expert writers produce concise, engaging, and to-the-point content. Additionally, our designers consider the optimal canvas dimensions, color palettes, and fonts to portray your business intricately.

fulminous software landing page

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

Our comprehensive services include the creation of compelling landing pages. Our team of professional developers, designers, testers, and writers collaborate to produce authentic landing pages. These pages are designed to be both attractive and informative, leading to conversions for potential customers.

fulminous software overall assesment

Overall Assessment and Report Generation

We generate regular weekly and monthly reports, enabling you to analyze every facet of your PPC account. These reports encompass every metric, from ad placements and investments to visitor conversion, lead generation, and sales performance. The statistics within these reports drive long-term growth strategies.

fulminous software update and weekly

Updates and Weekly/Monthly Discussions

We maintain open lines of communication with the PPC team dedicated to your business. Should you require discussions on altering requirements or other matters, we offer scheduled weekly and monthly meetings. We can adapt our communication methods to suit your preferences, whether through calls, chats, or video conferences.

Top-Rated Pay-Per-Click Management Agency to Boost Your PPC ROI

We vigorously work as per our code of ethics and ensure a high return on your PPC investments.

fulminous software optimized ad copies

Optimized Ad Copies

We specialize in crafting original, error-free ad copies for your campaigns, ensuring zero plagiarism. Our dedicated team of designers, copywriters, and marketers painstakingly constructs each campaign from the ground up to maximize its impact on your target audience.

fulminous software you own everything

You Own Everything

While we manage the operations, your account used to publish ads, review stats, and optimize campaigns remains under your complete control. This grants you profound insights into all PPC campaigns.

fulminous software relevant keyword

Relevant Keywords

Our PPC experts prioritize ad relevance by selecting the right keywords that align with your business and landing page. We place a premium on authenticity to ensure that you get the desired results from our AdWords management services.

fulminous software dedicated accounts manager

Dedicated Accounts Manager

For every PPC client, we assign a dedicated accounts team responsible for ad investments and expenses. Plus, you can reach out to the authorized representative at any time to discuss your requirements and track project updates through our management software.

fulminous software zero autopilot approach

Zero Autopilot Approach

When you engage with us for pay-per-click management services, we commit to providing full value. We primarily rely on manual methods to create ad campaigns, identify keywords, post ads, fine-tune campaigns, and design landing pages.

fulminous software no click fraud

No Click Fraud

You can put your trust in Fulminous. We have a strict anti-click fraud policy in place, ensuring the protection of our clients. Our PPC team members adhere to ethical marketing practices, avoiding click-baiting at all costs.

fulminous software we play fair

We Play Fair

We treat your accounts with utmost care, refraining from any form of unethical or dishonest competition against rival companies. Our teams optimize your Ad campaigns with complete integrity, focusing on customer growth, revenue enhancement, retention, and increased conversion rates.

fulminous software test and decide

Test and Decide

Fulminous doesn't constrain you with lengthy contracts. You can access our AdWords management services and other offerings on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Our hiring models are exceptionally adaptable, tailored to your specific needs.

fulminous software complete data privacy

Complete Data Privacy

Safeguarding your data's privacy and integrity is a top priority for us. We never disclose your information to third parties and maintain your data in secure storage locations, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with NIST, ISO, and regulatory standards.

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