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The VIQR- Products & Website For tracking, created by Fulminous Software, is an ideal example of innovation and technological advancement. The creative team of Fulminous Software has redefined the standards of tracking and problem-solving in a variety of settings by systematically designing and developing a complete suite of products and a strong website. When it comes to finding lost objects, providing prompt medical attention in the event of an accident, or guaranteeing prompt communication in an emergency, Fulminous designed VIQR as a symbol of dependability and connectivity. Developing an unmatched platform that simplifies tracking procedures by tackling issues including accident management, seamless emergency service connectivity, and parking wait times was our goal while developing VIQR.

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Innovative Products & Website For Tracking

With great pride, Fulminous Software introduces VIQR, an extensive suite of products and websites for tracking that have been carefully designed to satisfy the ever-changing demands of contemporary society. Real-time updates, strong data security protocols, and user-friendly UI/UX interfaces of VIQR guarantee a smooth experience for users. Fulminous enabled VIQR to assist both individuals and companies to overcome obstacles with ease, whether it's by streamlining parking management or expediting an emergency response.

Unique Features of VIQR Products

  • QR Code Sticker System
  • Comprehensive Tracking Solutions
  • Real-time Updates
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Lost Item Retrieval
  • Emergency Medical Information
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Integration with Popular Apps

Unique Features of the VIQR Website

  • Robust Security Measures
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Seamless Integration
  • Resource Center
  • Customer Support
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Multi-language Support
  • Optimized Performance
Business Type

Tracking Technology

  • Web Development Technologies: NET core, EF Core, Micro-service based architecture, MS SQL, HangeFire Jobs, SingalR, Angular JS, Jquery
  • JavaScript Search Infrastructure: Elastic Search, Kibana, Logstash
  • Product Technologies: Laravel and reactJs, DB- MySQL,Cloud server, AWS, Lightsail


Uniqueness in the concept and a wide range of demands from clients caused various challenges during the development of products and websites for VIQR. Below you can see each challenges in detail.


Unique Project Concept

Developing a website and products for VIQR was a unique and challenging one because of its creative approach to revolutionizing tracking technologies. While developing trending solutions for parking congestion and accident control, careful planning and execution were necessary to satisfy the demands of various stakeholders.


Demand for Real-time Tracking and Updates

Implementing real-time tracking and updates in VIQR requires sophisticated technological solutions. Timely information on vehicle location, status, and relevant data need to be provided to users. However, it needs a strong solution capable of processing and disseminating data swiftly and accurately.


Solution to Address Emergency Helps

Enabling fast emergency assistance through VIQR necessitated efficient communication and response mechanisms. Quickly summoning aid features for emergencies, such as accidents or medical crises was another challenge for our team because it needed smooth coordination between the platform and emergency services for swift intervention.


Essential Integration with Popular Apps

Integrating VIQR with popular apps presented challenges was a major challenge for our team. Integration with widely used platforms like PayTM required a clear plan developmental plan and testing to guarantee smooth functionality.


For many years, Fulminous Software has offered trending software tech solutions in various industries. We applied the same strategy to the website and product development building project for VIQR. See how we solved it with passion.


Unique Solutions

The Fulminous team is renowned for its creativity and innovation. Even though the project concept was unique we found the right solutions for that. We surpassed stakeholder objectives and It took creative thinking to pioneer new approaches to accident prevention and parking congestion.


Real-time Tracking and Updates

Our team employed clean algorithms, GPS tracking systems, and cloud-based infrastructure to ensure the smooth processing and dissemination of real-time data to users. To provide users with timely information on vehicle location and status, robust data management systems were implemented.


Fast Emergency Helps

Enabling fast emergency assistance involved establishing efficient communication channels between VIQR users and emergency services. To offer rapid response and intervention during emergency situations Streamlined communication protocols, including direct messaging, location sharing, and automated alerts are implemented by our team.


Integration with Popular Apps

Our development team conducted extensive testing across various devices, operating systems, and app versions to ensure seamless integration and optimal user experience Enhancing accessibility for users involves designing intuitive interfaces and seamless workflows.

The Results

VIQR website and products developed by Fulminous Software have emerged as a transformative tool for various sectors, including parking management, accident response, and emergency service connectivity. With VIQR now serving over 34,650 happy users countrywide, the smooth combination of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces has completely changed how people and businesses address tracking difficulties. In addition to streamlining tracking procedures, this feature-rich platform has helped VIQR's owners achieve an incredible ROI gain of more than 280%. Following Fulminous Software's lead, VIQR keeps raising the standard for tracking technology and clearing the path for a period where efficiency and innovation coexist together.

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