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Embrace a confident leap into the future of hospitality, propelling your business to soaring heights of success. The moment to transform your industry with our cutting-edge hotel property management software has arrived, and we're here to turn that vision into reality.

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What's the Need for Hospitality Management Software?

PMS hotel software revolutionizes the sector by simplifying tasks, elevating guest satisfaction, and boosting revenue. Through user-friendly interfaces, advanced capabilities, and cutting-edge APIs and analytics, hotels can effectively oversee bookings, optimize resources, and enhance overall productivity. Bid farewell to manual procedures and embrace a fresh era of effortless hospitality administration.


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A Glimpse About Our Hotel Property Management Software

Fulminous' Hotel Property Management Software offers a robust solution for streamlining hotel property management. It delivers a centralized hub for managing reservations, guest details, room availability, pricing, and more. Featuring integrated communication tools and real-time updates, it empowers hoteliers to effortlessly oversee property operations, ensuring seamless services that surpass guest expectations.


Our software boasts a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, empowering you to nurture strong guest connections, tailor experiences, and cultivate loyalty.

Rate Management

Take charge of your pricing strategy with our user-friendly Rate Management tool seamlessly integrated into our software. Effortlessly establish and modify rates, oversee discounts and promotions, and optimize revenue generation.

Mobile Applications

Stay connected and oversee your property while on the move through our intuitive mobile application development services. Access essential features, oversee operations, and respond to guest requests from anywhere, at any time.

Channel Management

Expand your reach and boost your booking potential with our Channel Management feature. Effortlessly connect to various online distribution channels, ensuring your inventory remains consistently updated.

Social Media Management

Leverage the influence of social media with our integrated Social Media Management tool. Engage with guests, monitor online reviews, and enhance your brand presence on popular platforms.

Centralized Booking Management

Streamline your booking procedures by making use of our centralized management system. Seamlessly handle reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and more, guaranteeing a smooth guest experience.

Fulminous Inventory Management Software for Hotels - Simple, Yet Loaded with Features

We provide cutting-edge Hotel Inventory Management Software tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. Our solution grants immediate access to real-time inventory data, automates the procurement procedures, and simplifies the oversight of stock. Through features like automated stock notifications, efficient vendor coordination, and detailed analytical reports, our software equips hotels to enhance their inventory management, cut expenses, and maintain a smooth supply chain.

Inventory Control

Take complete control of your inventory using precision tools. Organize your products by category, location, SKU, and more, all while generating real-time reports and conducting efficient audits.

Inventory Management

Effortlessly oversee every facet of your inventory, from stock arrival to distribution. Enjoy the benefits of multi-location warehouse management and smooth integration with other software or ERP platforms.

Inventory Tracking

Effortlessly monitor your inventory as it moves through the supply chain. Harness advanced tracking capabilities to automate tasks and generate tracking numbers for receipts and invoices.

Inventory Barcoding

Streamline your operations and boost accuracy with integrated barcoding features. Digitize inventory data, enhance documentation, and optimize processes with mobile barcode scanning devices.

Inventory Optimization

Elevate your inventory management with advanced tools that offer automated reports, insights into inventory trends, and the supply chain. Achieve a closer alignment between supply and demand, enhancing your on-hand inventory.

Inventory Alerts

Stay in command with automated alerts that reduce waste, optimize your financials, and meet customer expectations. Get notifications for low inventory levels, shipment delays, and supply chain disruptions.

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