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Manish Kumawat

Last Updated on: 02 February 2024

When you look around South Carolina’s economy, the leading brands have succeeded in creating a ‘we’ feeling and emotional attachment in consumers' minds towards their brand. You can also notice that web designs are now replacing traditional brand advertisements. The role of web design is not limited to bringing business and increasing ROI. A perception of your brand is also left by it. Let’s see how a professional web designer can boost your brand identity in South Carolina.

See how your web design is connected to brand identity

You will be amazed when you see the data about how a web design is connected to your brand identity.

● Up to 75% of users determine the credibility of a business based on its web design.

● To give a unique image for their brand and company 73% of firms are investing in web design

● 50% of consumers believe that web design is important to a brand identity.

● The web design influences 94% of initial impressions.

● Brand recognition can rise by 80% when you add your signature color to your websites.

● A trending web design can increase customer retention by up to 5%.

This is the right time, go ahead to increase your brand image in South Carolina. With trending ideas, the Fulminous Software team is capable of giving a gradual expansion for your brand identity in South Carolina. Write to us at

Wisely choose web design elements that have a direct impact on brand identity

In the latest survey 40% of people prefer images, 39% people prefer color schemes and 21% prefer video as the visual elements for evaluating a brand identity. But other than that several web design elements impact your brand identity. They are: Color & theme: The color and theme of your web design should be attractive. At the same time, it should be suitable for your industry. As per the preference of your target audience you have to decide the color and theme.

Brand elements and logo: The brand elements and logo should be presented clearly in a way that captures the attention of the user. The position and size of those elements including the logo are also important.

Content (Text, Image, and Video): The content of your web design should be original and unique. The font and its size are also needed to choose wisely. The high quality images and video will also put an impression in clients mind.

Visual hierarchy: Even if you have high-quality original content, the way you arrange it is also important. By following proper visual hierarchy standards you can arrange it properly.

Call-to-Action (CTA): Call to action is the best option to establish strong relationships with customers. When you choose the proper CTA, you are inviting your consumers to a long-term relation with your brand.

UI/UX designs: UI/UX designs are the key components that create an emotional attendance in the customer's mind for your brand. Innovative UI/UX designs are necessary for getting into consumers' minds.

Navigation: The way you arrange navigation is also important. An enjoyable browsing experience is the best way to develop loyalty in clients mind.

Responsiveness: Consumers prefer companies that offer responsive websites, especially mobile-friendly websites. If your website is easily working on all devices, consumers rely more on your brands

At Fulminous Software, our web designing UI UX experts are all set to assist you in choosing these important factors. Share your web designing plans today. Call us on + 1 803 310 5187.

Role of web designer in boosting your brand image

The role of a web designer in expanding your brand identity is beyond words. Some of the main roles are:

Add a professional touch to your website: The assistance of a skilled web designer will add a professional appearance to your website. That can create a premium brand perception in clients' minds. The proficient web designers of Fulminous are talented enough to bring this professional appearance to your business websites.

Helps in choosing design elements: It is important to choose the web design elements wisely. You need a professional web designer who have deep idea about how to do this task. They make it possible with their incredible experience. The web designers of Fulminous are top in identifying the needs of each industry and guiding clients in this task.

Defines the aesthetics appearance: Studies say 59% of users choose aesthetically attractive websites rather than ordinary websites. A web designer will provide an attractive appearance for your business website. You can create an emotional attachment in users' minds by this. They will remember your brand for a long time. At Fulminous Software, Our web designers present your website in a beautiful way.

Ensure responsiveness of your website: 57.44% of internet traffic comes through smartphones and 74% of consumers return to a mobile-friendly website. So a skilled web designer is necessary for designing a responsive and mobile-friendly website. You can increase brand image by giving a responsive design. Web designers at fulminous are skilled in developing mobile web app development, Cross-platform web app development, Progressive web app development, e-commerce website development, NFT website development, and many more.

Provide security and reliability: Online users are always concerned about their privacy. A web designer can ensure the security of your business website. When you provide privacy for your customers, you are developing trust in their minds. Through this you can establish the attachment with your customers. At fulminous, we focus on boosting your brand image by providing maximum security and safety for the user's privacy.

Boost your brand in South Carolina with our professional web designers

You can hand over the web designing project to Fulminous with a 100% guarantee that we will expand your brand image not only in South Carolina but all over the USA and across continents. Our 40 + skilled web designers are ready to provide the best services for you. You can hire them on an hourly/monthly/ project basis. Our portfolio and a long list of happy client reviews are an open invitation for you.


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