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Manish Kumawat

Last Updated on: 06 February 2024

In the fastest growing economy of South Carolina, with 1.2% of the US GDP, the doors are open in front of you to become the top e-commerce business owner. Nothing can stop your success when you strictly follow the fundamentals. In an ecommerce business also, the secret of success completely depends upon how you are dealing with web design fundamentals. Consider the following fundamentals to build a profitable e-commerce website in South Carolina.

E-commerce: The fast growing industry

There is no doubt that e-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries. See the following data to understand the growth of e-commerce businesses

  • The World e-commerce market is expected to reach $6.310 trillion in 2024.
  • 205 million people are shopping online daily.
  • The US is the second biggest marketplace for E-commerce after China.
  • There are more than 26 million e-commerce stores globally, and 49.1% of that, more than 13 million stores are in the United States.
  • 79% population of the USA shops online.
  • The average return rate of the ecommerce market in the United States is 16.5%.
  • In the United States, the revenue in the E-commerce market is expected to increase continuously between 2024 and 2028 by 43.58%, which is a total of 462.7 billion U.S. dollars.

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Impact of Website Design on e-commerce businesses

It is undebatable that web designs are the backbone of the ecommerce business. See the following data to understand the impact of web design on an ecommerce business.

  • 22.3% of total retail sales is expected to be taken up by e-commerce websites.
  • After a happy shopping experience, there are 14.4% chances of shopping for one more product.
  • A well-designed e-commerce website can increase your ROI by up to 400%.
  • A creative design gives a 5% increase in customer retention and a 25% gain in profit.
  • The initial impressions of a brand’s website are 94% related to web design.
  • The ROI of investing in designing is 9,900%.

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7 Website Design Fundamentals for Your South Carolina e-commerce businesses

If you are in search of a perfect guide to building a profitable e-commerce website, never compromise on the following fundamentals.

Craft an attractive landing page
Do you know? According to studies 59% of people choose visually beautiful websites rather than normal ones and it takes only 0.05 seconds for users to develop an opinion about your brand. Keeping these things in mind, you have to design an attractive home page for your e-commerce website.

Describe your product with clarity
Recent data says that 60% of online customers feel the detailed description of the product gives confidence in buying. On the other hand, 90 % of customers think image quality and video description are the driving force towards online shopping. So you have to present your product with a clear description, image, and video.

Choose a mobile-friendly design
According to studies, out of four online consumers, three prefer smartphones for online purchases. This means, 63% of online shopping is conducted through mobile phones. 67% of online shoppers say that they make a purchase only if a website is easily usable on mobile phones. So you have to make sure that your e-commerce website is mobile friendly.

Add customer reviews and testimonials
Reviews and testimonials are most important to create trust in consumers' minds. Because 95% of users check customer reviews to learn about a product and its quality. Before making a purchase, 70% of online buyers read one to six product reviews. So when you design an e-commerce website, never miss adding customer reviews and testimonials. A genuine product review can play the role of a costly advertisement for your business.

Ensure easy navigation and fast loading speed
As you know online buyers have only a short span of attention. The speed of the website is necessary for successful conversion. That is why 88.5% of web designers feel that slow loading is one of the main reasons people leave an e-commerce website. How fast your e-commerce website performs, at that speed your business takes place. As the patience of online users is comparatively less, you have to provide easy navigation and fast loading on the website.

Integrate an easy and safe checkout process
It is a fact that 40% of online buyers use websites as guest checkout. Because most of them are concerned about their privacy. It is the responsibility of an e-commerce website to provide easy and safe online financial transactions. You have to design a glitch-free website in order to provide these features for the customers.

Connect your Social media platforms
The latest studies say that, after finding a product, 11% of social media users go for online shopping immediately. It is an amazing fact that 78% of social media users in the USA find new products through the popular social media platform Facebook. So you have to connect your social media platform to your e-commerce website for a better business.

Who will guide you to follow these fundamentals?

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