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Fulminous Software is the crafting hands behind the Platerate website, a leading food industry website that provides the dining experience while supporting local restaurants. Our team's creativity, skills, and proficiency in website development shine through in this innovative platform. By keeping the goals of the Platerate business, we have developed this visually stunning website. Platerate's design is magnified by our team with an enticing white and green color scheme that gives a pleasant appearance and also goes well with the business theme. In essence, Platerate is crafted by a Fulminous team in such a way that it empowers Platerate businesses, supports the business of local restaurants, and satisfies food lovers.

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A Feature-rich Website for the Food Industry

The Fulminous team crafted the website for PlateRate, which provides an incredible experience for food lovers and restaurant partners. We've used our website development knowledge to build the perfect dining experience, precisely and passionately supporting local restaurants as we understand users' preferences in the food sector.

Unique Features PlateRate Website

  • Attractive Home Page
  • Color themes that promote brand identity
  • Smooth Navigation
  • Easy Appointment Booking
  • Detailed content on services and team of hospital
  • Organic content
  • Social media integration for communication
Business Type

Food (Restaurant and Food delivery)

  • Website: Angular
  • Backend: AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, .NET Core, EF Core,
  • Database: MS-SQL Database
  • Deployment: Dockers, Docker-Compose, Github CI/CD Pipeline


Since the demand for this project was unique, our web development team had numerous obstacles to overcome when creating the Platerate website. The following lists the main obstacles we had to overcome to provide Platerate owners with a distinctive, profitable, and competitive website.


Multi-category target audiences

As the goal of the Platerate business is to make the ideal dining environment and assist in maximizing restaurant profitability, there are two types of target audiences for this website. In this project, the difficulty was in creating a website with unique features that would draw both customers and restaurant owners alike.


Integration of objective rating systems

The client asked the Fulminous Software team to develop a comprehensive rating system that allows users to rate the restaurant, menu, and dishes. It was challenging to integrate an objective rating system for each category that also sorts each restaurant based on the rating to help users choose the best.


Demand for Responsiveness

Platerate owners also demanded features to rate dishes at any restaurant and to show favorite dishes to friends and family everywhere they go. It is possible by providing perfect responsiveness for the website. This was also a major task in front of our website developers.


Inclusion of payment and reward

Offers and rewards are the major business strategy of Platerate Business. To implement this strategy, you need a well-designed payment gateway that assigns rewards and offers to each user. For our team, it was challenging to include these offers and rewards along with payment security.


We have completed this remarkable project by overcoming all obstacles with the help of top-notch website development solutions. We have used our expertise to overcome every obstacle in the way of this project's successful conclusion. Let's review our approach to this.


Customized Dual Audience Design

Fulminous tackled the challenge of Platerate's multi-category target audiences by creating a website with tailored features for both users and restaurant owners. Ensuring the website captured the attention of both audiences and facilitating successful partnerships and business growth that are beneficial for Platerate owners was easy for our proficient web development team.


Comprehensive Objective Rating System

Fulminous Software developed a robust rating system for Platerate, allowing users to rate restaurants, menus, and dishes objectively. The consumers of Platerate choose the best places to eat by sorting restaurants according to user reviews and giving them accurate ratings with this feature added by our team.


Seamless Responsiveness

To meet Platerate's demand for responsiveness, Fulminous ensured that the website was optimized for all devices and screen sizes. A flawlessly responsive design was created by our developers that lets customers review dishes and access their favorites from anywhere in the world.


Integrated Payment and Reward System

The web development team of Fulminous Software implemented a well-designed payment gateway for Platerate, integrating offers and rewards seamlessly. 100 % payment security was ensured by our team while assigning rewards and offers to users based on specific criteria, enhancing user engagement and loyalty.

The Results

The web development team of Fulminous Software succeeded in surpassing all the demands and goals of Platrate owners with their technical proficiency and experience. The major appreciation given by the clients is for our user-centric approach and brilliance in converting ideas to reality. We gave priority to fulfilling all the demands of client to maximize their satisfaction. The Platerate business has achieved a vital online presence and maximum business growth with the stunning website developed by Fulminous Software. The number of partnerships from restaurants and social media influencers is also increasing day by day through this attractive website with amazing partnership-promoting features. The Fulminous team is proud of succeeding in maximizing the satisfaction of clients, their users, and their partners.



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