Plate Rate

Before jumping into the process of creating my solution, I checked out some popular food delivery apps. I interacted with the platforms and read their customer reviews. This helped me identify some drawbacks in the existing solutions and opportunities for a better user experience.

Fulminous Plate Rate


Fulminous App for users

App for users, App for drivers and Admin panel for support and operations

>Fulminous Options to set localization attributes

Options to set localization attributes

Fulminous Sub-Categories

Ability to add multiple categories with sub categories. Dynamic CRM to handle pages


This project aims to develop a perfect billing system for a restaurant. The development is totally customizable and handles each and everything from the admin side he/she can manage number of plates, dishes, customer tip, pantry products their details. So the overall calculation and its accuracy is the backbone of the project.


The hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced environment, individuals struggle to find the time to cook at home. Some don’t even have the time to visit a restaurant. The challenge was to find a way for these individuals to order and receive food at their own convenience.


  • Multi-Vendor

    Multi-vendor support on the same platform. Weekly/monthly settlement amount generation with vendors

  • AI Based

    AI based order distribution on to driver. Ability to delivery order with google map integrated.

  • User Friendly

    User app with all the features. Purchase flow for user. Different Payment methods Integrated. Option to settle dispute um.

Fulminous Plate Rate
Fulminous Plate Rate


Platform which not only focus on customer's but also take care of vendor's. More than anything, having fresh food brought to you is convenient, Saves time, No Cooking, Saves money.

Fulminous Plate Rate

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