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We're ensuring that future generations can enjoy our natural world and the incredible species that live within it. There is no product in the market for the real time animal health monitoring. Mostly veterinary staff checks the physiological parameters through manually.

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This project develop a track location for every zoo in India. It basically marks species of animal which are very rare and need to protect in any case. By using the GPS tracker we can follow them and record all the species of animal.


Web Development Technologies :- NodeJS, Crons, MongoDB, ReactJS, Jquery, JavaScript, Quickbook
Mobile Development Technologies :- React-Native, Android, IOS
Servers :- Aws EC2


  • This method is fast and convenient as compared to other system.
  • This does not require human attention as this is completely self-independent and automated system.
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  • Animal tracking data helps us understand how individuals and populations move within local areas, migrate across oceans and continents and evolve across generations.
  • Monitor health of animal temperature is used. The measured parameters are helpful to analyze the animal disease or health condition of animal.
  • Increased productivity, minimize fuel costs, lower operational cost.
Fulminous planet-alpha

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