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Fulminous Software has developed various IoT devices and monitoring Software for Gear Tech Businesses, a leading manufacturing company. Gear Tech was searching for a comprehensive solution that automate all the activities in its manufacturing plant. The trending technologies like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Remote monitoring, and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Automation skilled developers of Fulminous Software have helped Gear Tech overcome their challenges. The IoT devices are designed to manage and automate various activities of the manufacturing plant using temperature monitoring, motion monitoring, humidity monitoring, electric current monitoring, machine Automation, air quality monitoring, and chemical Monitoring. The monitoring software brings all these activities under one umbrella and is managed.

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All-in-one IoT Solution For Manufacturing Company

Fulminous Software, the everlasting source of innovation, is crafted in one solution for the leading manufacturing business Geat Tech, which includes various IoT Devices and Monitoring Software. As Fulminous Software is a leading service provider of IoT solutions, it was an easy task for our team to surpass the expectations of Gear Tech. This project is evidence of Fulminou’s expertise in IoT development.

Unique features of Gear Tech IoT Devices and Software

  • Real-Time Data Acquisition and Monitoring
  • Advanced SCADA Integration
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Safety Features for Employees
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting
  • Secure Data Transmission and Storage
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Energy Management and Optimization
  • Customizable Alerts and Notifications
  • High-Resolution Data Visualization
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Robust Security Measures
  • Edge Computing Capabilities
  • Automated Workflow Management
  • Customizable Solutions
Business Type

IoT/ Manufacturing

  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors: ARM Cortex, ESP32, Arduino
  • Communication Protocols: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, LoRaWAN, MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Cloud Computing Platforms: AWS IoT Core
  • Edge Computing: NVIDIA Jetson, Intel Movidius
  • Data Storage and Management: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, InfluxDB
  • Data Analytics and Visualization: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Grafana, Kibana
  • Security Technologies: AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman), OAuth (Open Authorization), JWT (JSON Web Tokens) Development Platforms and Frameworks: Arduino, PlatformIO, Node-RED
  • SCADA Systems: RESTful APIs, WebSockets
  • Operating Systems for IoT: FreeRTOS, Contiki, Riot OS


As the project concept was unique and the manufacturing industry continuously evolves, the developers of our team faced several unique challenges while developing IoT devices and monitoring software for Gear Tech. These challenges gave the best opportunity for the IoT developer’s team to deliver their skills and expertise.


Employee Safety

Ensuring the safety of employees in a manufacturing environment with IoT devices was a significant challenge. Live monitoring of temperature, air quality, humidity, hazardous areas, and machinery is needed to add for providing immediate alerts and responses to possible safety threats.


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Automation

Implementing effective M2M communication to automate processes in the manufacturing plant was challenging. Synchronizing multiple machines to work seamlessly together without human intervention required precise programming and real-time data processing.


Remote Monitoring

Developing a robust remote monitoring system to oversee manufacturing operations from any location posed a challenge. A system that provided real-time data and alerts while maintaining accuracy and reliability was necessary for this task.


Asset Management and Tracking

Efficiently managing and tracking assets across the manufacturing plant was a complex task. Live location tracking, status updates, and managing asset data are included in this to prevent losses and improve operational efficiency.


Having a skilled and proficient development team, every challenge was met with effective solutions. The success of the project of automating manufacturing company Gear Tech shows the expertise of the Fulminous IoT Developers in the latest trends in IoT development.


Implemented Real-Time Safety Monitoring Systems

The software crafted by talented developers of Fulminous Software gives immediate alerts to possible safety issues like fire, low air quality, chemical leakage, and humidity changes, using sensors and IoT devices to maintain a safe working environment.


Developed Robust M2M Communication Protocols

Our team addressed the challenge of M2M automation by using communication protocols. The Developers of Fulminous used advanced IoT technologies and frameworks to ensure smooth interaction and synchronization between machines for proper automation.


Utilized Advanced Remote Monitoring Technologies

For remote monitoring, our development team employed cutting-edge technologies that enable real-time data collection and transmission. Coud-based platforms and IoT sensors are used by Fulminous for accurate and reliable monitoring of manufacturing operations from any location.


Integrated Comprehensive Asset Management Solutions

To tackle asset management and tracking, we integrated comprehensive IoT-based solutions. Live location tracking, status updates, and data management systems are included in this that ensure efficient asset utilization and prevent losses.

The Results

Gear Tech has witnessed a remarkable transformation in safety and operational efficiency with the implementation of innovative IoT Devices and Monitoring Software developed by Fulminous Software. The IoT solution crafted by developers of Fulminous Software has revolutionized workplace safety, achieving a commendable milestone of 100% employee safety. The solution's performance has boasted an impressive 8 times faster performance compared to conventional systems and Gear Tech has experienced a significant sixfold reduction in operational costs. The human-friendly interface of the solutions provided by the Fulminous team empowers employees to increase productivity and collaboration across the organization. These solutions have been generating regular returns on investment of 130% for Gear Tech.

Employee Safety


Fast Performance


Cost reduction


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