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Win11 is a fantasy sports app developed by talented mobile app developers at Fulminous Software. The owner of Win11 was in the initial stage of their startup and demanded to craft an advanced Dream11-clone that connects sports enthusiasts and enables them to draft fantasy teams, participate in competitive leagues, and engage in various sports events. Fulminous Software has assisted the client in all stages and delivered a profitable app. As a result of the collaboration with us, the Win11 Client reached the peak of the global fantasy app market. The unmatchable creativity and skills of the Fulminous mobile app development team paved the way for the success of this project.

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Dream 11– Clone Fantasy Sports App

Win11, a trending fantasy sports app developed by Fulminous Software, has completely changed the fantasy gaming experience. This growth-oriented Dream11-clone app, crafted by the Fulminous team, streamlines the process of team drafting, league participation, and real-time score tracking, making it more efficient than traditional fantasy sports platforms.

Unique features Win11 Fantasy Sports App

  • Instantaneous updates on player performance and match scores
  • Advanced security protocols ensure safe and seamless financial transactions
  • Users can draft their fantasy teams in real-time
  • The ability to create and join custom leagues with friends or the public
  • Access to in-depth player statistics, match predictions, and expert analysis
  • An intuitive and visually appealing design
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Support for a variety of sports
  • Real-time communication features enable users to chat
  • Regular contests, promotions, and reward systems
Business Type

Fantasy Sports

  • Programming Languages: Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android)
  • Framework: React Native, Flutter
  • Backend: Node.js, Express.js, Python
  • Database: MongoDB, SQLite
  • Push Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)
  • Authentication: JSON Web Tokens (JWT), OAuth


The app development team at Fulminous Software faced numerous obstacles when creating Win11, an innovative Dream11-clone fantasy sports app with extensive capabilities. Given the dynamic nature of fantasy sports, the following were the main challenges the Fulminous team had to overcome to complete this project.


Prevent Fraud Activities

Ensuring fair play and preventing fraudulent activities was crucial in the fantasy apps. In designing strong verification processes and security measures, the mobile app development team of Fulminous faced significant challenges.


Adding In-Depth Player Statistics, Match Predictions, and Expert Analysis

Providing users with comprehensive and accurate player statistics, match predictions, and expert analysis was essential. Integrating these features without compromising the app’s performance was a technical challenge for the app development team of Fulminous.


Need for Real-Time Chat Between Competitors

Enabling real-time communication between users in a competitive environment was important. Because of the huge number of users, the mobile app development team met challenges in crafting a user-friendly and secure chat system that facilitated instant communication.


Integrate Profitable Contests for Users and Owners

Developing a variety of profitable contests that are profitable for users and generate revenue for the platform was a complex task. The mobile application development team of Fulminous needed to balance engaging gameplay with effective monetization strategies.


The software development team at Fulminous Software demonstrated remarkable ability and skill in addressing the various challenges encountered during the development of Win11. The success of this fantasy sports app itself proclaims our expertise. Here are some of the solutions implemented to overcome the challenges faced.


Preventing Fraud Activities

We incorporated comprehensive verification processes and advanced security measures to prevent fraud. User verification, activity monitoring tools, and automated fraud detection systems are added by the Fulminous team to promote fair play and prevent fraud.


Enhancing Player Statistics and Analysis

Our team integrated in-depth player statistics, match predictions, and expert analysis into the app. Optimizing data and implementing powerful algorithms were the two methods used by the Fulminous team to guarantee that users receive accurate and latest information.


Enabling Real-Time Chat

The app development team of Fulminous implemented a robust real-time chat system that allows users to communicate instantly and reliably. The top-quality real-time chat added by our team promotes effective interaction and overall gaming experience.


Integrating Profitable Contests

We developed a variety of engaging contests and integrated them seamlessly into the app. While also generating revenue for the platform through entry fees and in-app purchases, these daily, weekly, and seasonal contests provide users with numerous opportunities to win.

The Results

Win11 has secured a top position in the fantasy sports app market with the trending app designed and developed by Fulminous Software and today they have over 55,000 users and 80+ daily contests. This Dream11-clone app’s remarkable 220% ROI, showcases its success and effectiveness. Including secure payment gateways, real-time updates, and advanced analytics, the comprehensive features of Win11 have made the fantasy sports experience seamless and engaging. Users of Win11 are exceedingly pleased with the exceptional solutions provided by Fulminous Software. The user-friendly interface, allows users to draft teams, join leagues, and track scores effortlessly. The in-app chat feature and social media integration enhance the community feel and make communication and sharing within the fantasy sports community efficient and enjoyable. The dedication to quality and innovation by Fulminous Software is evident in the continuous growth and high satisfaction levels among Win11 users.



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