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Fulminous Software is proud to be the designing and developing team of this trending website for renowned multi-specialty hospital Facevue Aesthetics. The creativity and proficiency of our team in website development are clearly visible in this healthcare website. Their services and amenities are aesthetically displayed on this website and it also offers a user-friendly process for scheduling appointments. The website design is enhanced by our team with a simple yet eye-catching white and green color scheme that matches the theme of the organization. Additionally, the menus are designed logically to facilitate easy navigation for guests.

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An Ideal Healthcare website

The website of Facevue is an ideal website for hospitals designed and developed by the Fulminous team. We realize the preferences of a person/patient who visits hospital websites. Keeping those things in mind we have implemented our expertise in website development to bring out such a perfect healthcare website.

Unique Features Facevue Website

  • Attractive Home Page
  • Color themes that promote brand identity
  • Smooth Navigation
  • Easy Appointment Booking
  • Detailed content on services and team of hospital
  • Organic content
  • Social media integration for communication
Business Type

Healthcare- Multi-Speciality Hospital

  • Website: Angular
  • Backend: AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, .NET Core, EF Core,
  • Database: MS-SQL Database
  • Deployment: Dockers, Docker-Compose, Github CI/CD Pipeline


As we know the healthcare industry is a highly competitive and rapidly growing one, the project of developing an aesthetically enriched and feature-rich website for Fcaevue multi-specialty hospital was challenging for various reasons. The major hindrances we faced in this project are mentioned below.


Unique Demands of Client

The demands of the client in this project were unique. The client's demand was to provide a website that presents their services in a way that provides maximum business, easy navigation features, and meets the color theme of their organization. Integration of maximum options for communication for fast connection with users is also demanded by them.


Ask for Huge Multimedia integration

As a healthcare service provider it is important to provide the best presentation about the services, infrastructure, and human resources of the hospital. High-quality images and videos are to be added in this task. It was a challenging task to add high-quality multimedia and maintain the loading speed of the website simultaneously.


Requirement for Fast, Easy, and Secure Appointment Booking

For converting the clicks of visitors into business, it is necessary to add a fast and easy feature for booking doctor appointments. The security of users' data is also sensitive at the same time. Integrating fast and secure booking features was a challenge in this project.


Demand for Responsiveness

The users/patients visit and book appointments from various devices. So the client demanded a highly responsible and fast-loading website. This was also a challenge for our developers to provide both demands because the website also contains plenty of high-quality images, videos, and other multimedia.


With world-class solutions in website development, we have overcome all the challenges faced during this exceptional project. We have implemented our proficiency to deal with all hindrances in the successful completion of this project. Let's see how we have done this.


Client-centric Designs

With our extensive experience in providing software solutions for healthcare businesses, we have fulfilled all the requirements of the clients. 100% satisfaction of the Facevue business owners is proof of that. The client-centered approach of Fulminous is the key reason for this. Ideas of clients are valuable for us and with passion, we help in converting them to reality.


High-Quality Multimedia Integration

The Fulminous team is well-trained in handling the complexity of the projects. With consideration for SEO, we have added high-quality images, videos, and other multimedia without decreasing the speed of website loading. A fast-performing website with top-quality content that captures the attention of users is delivered by us to Facevue.


Fast, Easy, and Secure Appointment Booking

The Fulminous website development team worked hard and successfully integrated a fast, easy, and secure appointment booking feature so that the organization can have maximum business. The data of users is 100% safe and they can book appointments within seconds on this exceptional website designed and developed by Fulminous.


Website with Adaptability

The website of Facevue is responsive to all devices and screen sizes. Our website developers with unmatchable experience have done this task easily. The majority of users visit the website and book appointments through mobile phones. By considering this we have developed an ideal mobile-friendly website for Facevue.

The Results

The website developed by Fulminous Software has expanded the presence of Facevue Hospital by breaking geographical limitations. The business of Fcevue has been witnessing consistent growth after the launching of its websites. Now, 62% of their business is directly impacted by this website. The whole team of Feacevue Hospital is grateful to Fulminous Software for being a faithful software partner and especially for providing a feature-rich and fast-performing website. Innovative designs, timely launching, and ongoing maintenance support from Fulminous are highly appreciated by the clients. The users of the Facevue website are satisfied with the designs, visuals, navigation, and easy booking features integrated by our skilled team.



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