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The Ekolo Taxi booking app is a trending mobile application designed and developed by Fulminous Software for a smooth transportation experience in taxis with an approach to achieving a 95% reduction of environmental pollution. Modern technology and user-centric design concepts are used by Fulminous to create a user-friendly platform that exceeds customer expectations and completely changes the transportation environment. Even though it is a competitive industry, Fulminous Software gave a breakthrough for Ekolo Owners to be a unique, successful, and profitable taxi booking app with features like real-time tracking, secure payments, and driver ratings. Since its launch, Ekolo Taxi has witnessed continuous growth by capturing a significant market share.

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Exceptional Taxi Booking App

The Ekolo Taxi booking app, crafted by the skilled team at Fulminous, stands as an exceptional in the realm of taxi booking apps. Our multi-dimensional approach with commitment to excellence and our ability to exceed the expectations of both clients and users simultaneously is evident in the success of the Ekolo Taxi app. The mobile app development team of Fulminous has implemented its expertise into its development to create an exemplary solution tailored to the preferences of modern users.

Unique Features Ekolo Taxi Booking App

  • Dynamic Fare Adjustment
  • Multi-Stop Booking
  • In-app messaging with the driver securely.
  • Preferred Driver Selection
  • Voice Command Integration
  • location-based notifications.
  • AI-driven Route Optimization
  • Easily plan rides for multiple passengers.
  • Safety Check-In System
  • Eco-Friendly Vehicle Selection
  • Multilingual Support for Communication
  • Emergency Assistance Button
Business Type

Taxi Booking

  • Mobile: Hybrid app with React Native
  • Website: Angular
  • Backend: AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, .NET Core, EF Core
  • Database: MS-SQL Database
  • Deployment: Dockers, Docker-Compose, Github CI/CD Pipeline


Our app development team faced many challenges in developing the Ekolo app as the taxi booking app industry is updating daily and already has some giant leaders. The major challenges we faced in proving a unique, competitive, and profitable app for Ekolo owners are mentioned below.


Requirement for Fast, Easy, and Customizable Taxi Booking

To turn visitors into happy customers, a quick and simple mechanism for booking taxis must be added. Simultaneously, customers need options for customizing the ride by choosing a vehicle and driver. It was difficult to add both elements to this project.


Communication Barrier Between Drivers and Users

The users prefer to chat with drivers to know their location and estimated time for arrival. The user data safety in this chat was the main concern of the ekolo owners. A smooth chatting feature with complete data security was another major challenge.


Requirement for Real-time Tracking of Taxis

Another challenge was to Implement real-time tracking functionality to enable users to track taxi locations accurately and receive timely updates on ride statuses. The client asked to add features to update real-time location and clear movement of vehicles.


E-Wallet and Payment Gateway Integration

The client asked for a secure e-wallet and payment gateway integration in the application that built 100% trust in both drivers and users. It was challenging to ensure seamless and secure transactions across multiple payment platforms to enhance user convenience.


Our app development team always has solutions for possible challenges they face during any complex project. In the below section, let’s see how we made it possible to take the Ekolo taxi booking app ahead of other giants leaders in this rapidly growing industry.


Fast, Easy, and Customizable Taxi Booking Features

The app development team of the Fulminous put a lot of effort into integrating a quick, simple, and customizable booking feature so that the company could get the most customers and business possible. Users may book rides in a matter of seconds on this amazing app that Fulminous developed.


Integrated Secure and Fast Chatting Feature

We have also integrated features to chat with drivers as soon as the users book a ride. A fast, secure, and multi-lingual chatting facility builds user satisfaction and they feel comfortable throughout the process. Both users and drivers are happy with this feature.


Smooth Real-time Tracking

In order to give customers accurate and dependable real-time tracking functionality and improve their overall experience, technical obstacles are addressed by our app development utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, optimizing algorithms for real-time data processing, and improving system stability.


Secure E-Wallet and Payment Gateway Integration

We have added a secure e-wallet and payment gateway that offers 100% safe and secure transactions. Transparency of the billing details and secure payment methods are added to establish a trustworthy relationship and satisfaction between the company, drivers, and users.

The Result

The Ekolo Taxi booking app, developed by Fulminous Software, has significantly expanded its reach in the online Taxi booking industry with 45000+ users. Since the app's launch, Ekolo Taxi has experienced consistent growth, with 175% ROI. The entire Ekolo Taxi company team is grateful to Fulminous Software for their dedicated technical partnership. They have highly appreciated our mobile app developers for delivering a feature-rich and high-performance app. Innovative designs, timely deployment, and ongoing maintenance support from our app development team are the main reasons for the success of this trending app. Users of the Ekolo Taxi app express satisfaction with its attractive interface, captivating visuals, seamless navigation, and convenient booking features, all skillfully integrated by the Fulminous Software app development team.



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