Ekolo E-bike Case study

E-bike booking application. To have an experience for the customer and the driver where the instruction given by the customer should be obeyed by the driver which would encourage the driver to maintain a good and honest rating.

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Fulminous Achievement



Lesser environmental pollution.

 Fulminous Positive Reaction


Positive Reaction

Customer's are preferring e-bike and influencing other's for choosing the same.

 Fulminous Success Rate


Success Rate

On a study it's proved that it's successful and more efficient.


To provide environmentally sustainable transportation for everyone, everywhere. It's a solution to one of the leading problem in urban areas, which is the insane increase in environmental pollution through various vehicles and cabs.

Challenge To study customer's preference towards online services.
To identify the factor influencing the customers for choosing the preferred service.
To identify the problem encountered by the customer's while availing the services.


  • Reduce the traffic in the center of the city and Provide better commute experience.
  • Increase, Ease and Provide the visitors/tourists/citizens with enriched experience of the city.
  • Lighter, quicker and more efficient.
  • We make sure of privacy and security.
Fulminous Benefits
Fulminous Solutions


  • Lighter, quicker and more efficient.
  • Eco-friendly no CO2 emission.
  • Reduce the traffic in the center of the city and Provide better commute experience.
Fulminous ekolo

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