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Technology is the driving force of the current Education and eLearning industry. Fulminous design and develop custom coded high-quality softwares for the Education & eLearning industry. Our dedicated Software developers offer our solutions for colleges, schools, institutes, and universities. Manage your Education and eLearning business with fast-performing mobile applications and websites. Let’s plan with Fulminous Software to grow your education and elearning business and take the maximum benefits.We at Fulminous design and develop education and elearning softwares like school management, college management, attendance management, and university management.

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Trending Software Solutions for Education & eLearning

The eLearning industry has expanded by 900% since 2000 and is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. 75% of US schools plan to function completely online. So your Education & eLearning business needs to be updated in terms of technology. Collaborate with experts from Fulminous Software and reach the peak of your success. From consultation to continuous support after deployment, hire our skilled Software developers professionals for the design and development of custom coded elearning and education softwares.


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Innovate Education with Trending Technologies

At Fulminous Software, we use modern technologies to offer finest software solutions for Education & eLearning business

fulminous software AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence

  • Automate the Process of Scheduling and Content Delivery
  • Customised e-Learning Content
  • Maximum eLearning ROI
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Craft trending Online Training Programs
fulminous software AR and VR

AR and VR

  • Effective learning with visualisation
  • Engage directly with the educational materials
  • Advanced environments
  • Smooth training for complex courses
  • Easily evaluate performance of learners
fulminous software IoT and Data Science


  • Take advantages of enhanced learning with smart devices
  • Seamless remote learning and collaboration
  • Monitoring and data collection in real time
  • Innovate learning process as per IoT insights
  • Experiential learning opportunities
fulminous software IoT and Data Science


  • Manage and safely maintain student data
  • Grab advantages of decentralised learning platforms
  • Data can be readily shared with institutions and employers.
  • Recognition, certification, and monitoring
  • Monetization your educational content

Our Education & eLearning Software Development Solutions

fulminous software Bespoke Solutions

Educational & eLearning Technology Consulting

Connect to our consultancy team for integrating technology in your Education & eLearning business. Take the benefits of the technology in your business with our comprehensive guidance. Custom and precise strategies are delivered by our team according to your business vision.

fulminous software LMS and Collaboration Solutions

E-Learning Platforms

eLearning has grown in popularity in recent years. Ask trending e-learning platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for training institutions, educational organisations, and learning initiatives in the corporate sector. Conduct Online evaluation, multimedia content integration, course management, monitoring the progress, and certification easily.

fulminous software Mobile & Web Solutions

Education institution Websites and Mobile Apps

Hire our developers to build websites and mobile applications for play schools, Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Manage data about academic events, faculty, admission process, student evaluation, notices, and other important details with trending web apps.

fulminous software Content Delivery Solutions

Gamified Education Software Solutions

An engaging learning experience is the need of the present time. Benefits are countless when gamified components integrate into education We design specialised programs for improved learning. eLearning projects with engaging content like games, puzzles, and quizzes can bring maximum ROI.

fulminous software  Collaboration and Communication

Online Tutoring and Coaching Platforms

Online tutoring and coaching is the latest trend in the education industry with high ROI. These platforms connect students with trainers for individual or group learning processes. Screen sharing, video sessions, student-trainer messaging, virtual boards, and online assessment facilities are provided by our developers for this.

fulminous software  Administrative Solutions

Online Course Marketplaces

Online Course Marketplaces are specially designed to empower trainers and experts to create and sell their courses online. Now easily perform course creation, enrollment, and safe payment with our fast-performing solutions. Course ratings, reviews, instructor profiles, and social learning tools are also designed by us.

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