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On starting the conversation in this business was itself a challenge for us because they were used to of this legacy system so much, that any change in the process was scary and forcing them to come out from their comport zone.

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Fulminous Easy Recovery


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Easy Recovery is a solution which provide a common platform to all the banks, NBFC and their authorized repossession agencies. The vehicle repossession business is a segment in India facing many challenges, which makes the execution a bit difficult. Surprisingly, the business owners were themselves not aware that having technology into the system can make their job easy and way more effective.


Web Development Technologies :- NET core, EF Core, Micro-service based architecture, MS SQL, HangeFire Jobs, SingalR, Angular JS, Jquery
JavaScript Search Infrastructure :- Elastic Search, Kibana, Logstash
Mobile Development Technologies :- React-Native, Android, IOS, Docker, Docker-Compose, Nginx,
Servers :- Aws M Series


We offer you with the best data analytical features like never before track all the activities of your registered agents with App.

  • Perfect Dashboard

    We provide you with the detailed dashboard to have the track access of all the user activity.

  • Accounting

    Make you own invoice of the vehicle recovery with us.

  • Mobile App in Offline

    Sync once and work without even internet connection turned on.

Fulminous Easy Recovery
Fulminous Easy Recovery


Easy Recovery started having this conversation with the business owner and slowly we were able to make them understand that having a system like Easy Recovery can make their life easy and business more profitable.

Fulminous Easy Recovery

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