Color Game Development

The Color game is a number game in which the numbers 1 through 10 are presented in various colors. There are 5 red numbers, 2 yellow numbers, 2 blue numbers, and one grey number (10). There are numerous betting combinations available in this game. The game's outcome is determined by drawing six numbers at random, just like the lottery.

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Fulminous Color Game Development
Fulminous Game Features

Game Features

  • 10 different color number games
  • Push-to-Play and Scheduled modes are available
  • Colorful high-quality visuals and 3D animation in Turbo mode and Auto Play
  • There are several betting combinations
  • Skip scenes In Push-to-Play mode to get faster results

How Much Will Developing a Color Game App Cost You?

The cost and complexity of the software will depend on the features you want to include in your Color game. But that's not all. Development team members are paid by the hour and costs are subject to change based on client deadlines.


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