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Beactiveyou fitness app and website are one of the perfect examples of Fulminous’s excellence. Offering a unique experience for those who wish to achieve fitness naturally in their busy schedules was the overall objective of this project. Trending technologies and the fitness industry are integrated by Fulminous to craft this trending website and mobile application. As the global fitness app industry is expected to reach USD 33 billion by 2027, Fulminous assisted BeActiveYou business owners to grab the benefit of this ongoing growth. The Beactiveyou owners are delighted with the timely launching of these platforms and dedication of the Fulminous team.

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All in one Fitness website and app

App and websites of the Beactiveyou fitness business demonstrate how Fulminous Software is exceptional in website and application development. Trending features, responsiveness, and fast performances of these platforms make them user-enjoyable. We conceive the ideas of the Beactiveyou company and convert them to profitable results with a client centric approach.

Unique features Beactiveyou Website & App

  • Option for choosing the best trainers
  • Chatting feature
  • Scan QR code and get information about food
  • Customize diet plans based on user data
  • Secure user data
  • Safe payment for paid subscription
  • Personalized workout videos posting
Business Type

Fitness and Healthcare

  • Mobile: Hybrid app with React Native
  • Website: Angular
  • Backend: AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, .NET Core, EF Core
  • Database: MS-SQL Database
  • Deployment: Dockers, Docker-Compose, Github CI/CD Pipeline


When the owners of Beactiveyou approached us for the Fulminous Software team to develop their website and app with unique requirements, we faced many challenges. Some of the major challenges we faced during the development process of the Beactiveyou app and website are mentioned below.


Complex Project with Tight Deadline

The physical attributes, fitness goals, preferences, and living styles of every individual are unique. The users of the fitness online platforms browse from various devices. Uniform service for all users is a challenging task. The project was complex with these requirements.


Communication Barrier between trainer and user

For personalized consultation, users chat with their chosen trainers. The safety of user data in this chat was the main concern of the Beactiveyou owners. A flawless chatting feature with 100% data security was another major challenge.


Safety concerns in Payment Collection

The ultimate aim of any business is to earn the maximum. Adding payment options for subscriptions, in-app purchases, ads, or partnerships, requires careful consideration. Adding secure and safe payment collection was a challenge in this project.


The software development team of Fulminous Software has shown the ability and skill to handle any possible challenges during the development process. The success of this project is the right example of this. Here are some of the solutions we implemented to address the challenges faced in developing a website and application for Beactiveyou.


Finest Customization within the Deadline

Deep experience and knowledge in the fitness industry as well as in technology helped us in customizing these unique platforms within the short deadline. The complexity of this project was easily handled by skilled professionals from our team.


Integrated Easy Accessibility and Chatting Feature

Accessibility from anywhere, any device is the key solution we provide to meet the requirements of users. We have also integrated features to watch videos and end-to-end encryption in chatting to build user’s engagement and trust in getting personalized recommendations from trainers.


Added Smooth and Secure Payment Features

Wide opportunity of earning is what we offered to the Beactiveyou fitness business through our well-crafted solutions. Growth-driven software solutions and Secure payment collection features in our websites and apps are what we have done to give maximum ROI for clients.

The Results

Both clients and users are extremely happy with our software solutions. The business owners are 100% satisfied with the finest solutions provided by Fulminous. They are earning from both user subscriptions and trainer commissions. The features for individualized fitness designing provided by our developers are the main reason behind the success of the Beactiveyou fitness industry business. The users of both the Beactiveyou website and app are enjoying their fitness journey. They track their fitness and maintain their lifestyle according to the instructions provided by proficient trainers. Beactiveyou website and application open the gateway to experiencing natural ways to have a healthier life using food recipes and workout plans.







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