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Fulminous Software transformed the online presence of BCI Computers by designing and developing an attractive and profitable website. The project of developing a website for BCI Computers was an opportunity to implement the expertise and skills of the web development team of Fulminous Software which holds deep knowledge in developing websites for the IT industry. The website’s color themes suit brand identity and features are specially designed with a growth-oriented approach. BCI Computers experienced a breakthrough business journey, experiencing rapid growth in clientele and abundance, following the launch of their high-performing website developed by Fulminous Software. We have continued the habit of providing 100% satisfaction to our clients in this project also.

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A Growth-driven Website for a Software Company

Fulminous Software collaborated closely with BCI Computers to develop a website that effectively showcased their extensive range of services. The result was a growth-driven website that not only reflected Fulminous's expertise but also enhanced the business of BCI computers. With its fast-loading performance and user-friendly interface, the BCI Computers website became a magnet for new clients.

Unique Features BCI Computers Website

  • Color themes that suit brand identity
  • Fast-loading homepage.
  • Easy-to-use client support.
  • Attractive showcases of custom solutions.
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Easy navigation
  • Dynamic Resource integration
  • Fast customer support
  • Instant customer support for timely assistance.
  • Brand-aligned color themes for a cohesive visual identity.
Business Type

IT company

  • Website: Angular
  • Backend: AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, .NET Core, EF Core,
  • Database: MS-SQL Database
  • Deployment: Dockers, Docker-Compose, Github CI/CD Pipeline


Every project presents a set of new challenges for developers and designers. The project of developing a website for BCI computers also consists of various unique challenges. Let’s see the small description of the challenges faced by our team throughout the project.


Tight Project Schedule

In developing a website for BCI Computers, the Fulminous team faced a tight project schedule due to urgent business requirements and deadlines. The demand for quick turnaround and delivery of the website added pressure to the project timeline.


Illustrate a Wide Range of Services Attractively

BCI Computers offers a diverse range of services, including managed IT services, professional services, IT strategy, and tech products. Effectively showcasing this wide array of services attractively and engagingly posed a challenge for our website development team.


Integrate Multi-Support Features

BCI Computers demanded integration of multi-support features such as Chat Support, IT Administrators Portal Logon, BCI Customer Account Portal, Chat with a BCI Support agent, Office 365 Secure Login and Customer Secure remote login to enhance customer engagement and support. Ensuring the integration of these features was challenging.


Growth-Driven Features

BCI Computers aimed to incorporate growth-driven features into their website, such as lead capture forms, email subscription options, and interactive elements to drive user engagement and conversions. Implementing these features effectively while maintaining website performance and user experience was a challenge.


Our team considers each challenge as the best opportunity to unveil expertise and creativity. The same is the case for developing a website for BCI Computers. See how our web development team tackled all the challenges faced in this project.


Efficient Project Management

Fulminous Software efficiently managed BCI Computers' project, prioritizing tasks and deadlines to ensure timely delivery. Through effective coordination and communication, we met the tight project schedule and delivered the website on time, meeting all business requirements.


Strategic Service Showcase

Fulminous Software creatively illustrated BCI Computers' wide range of services attractively, using visually appealing graphics, concise descriptions, and clear navigation. Highlighting the unique value propositions of each service clearly, we effectively engaged visitors and communicated the breadth of BCI's offerings.


Seamless Multi-Support Integration

Fulminous Software integrated multi-support features into the website of BCI computers. Through careful testing and optimization, we ensured that Chat Support, IT Administrators Portal Logon, BCI Customer Account Portal, Chat with a BCI Support agent, Office 365 Secure Login, and Customer Secure remote login worked flawlessly.


Growth-Driven Features Implementation

Fulminous Software implemented growth-driven features strategically, focusing on lead capture forms, email subscription options, and interactive elements. By using user behavior data and analytics, we optimized these features to drive user engagement and conversions, which contributes to BCI Computers' business growth.

The Results

The website developed by Fulminous Software has helped BCI Computers to move to the peak of its success. Since the launch of the website, BCI Computers has seen a remarkable 58% increase in business directly from the website. Fulminous Software's expert team creatively crafted attractive designs that facilitated easy client communication and incorporated captivating visuals, well-arranged services, seamless navigation, and convenient features into the BCI Computers website. The entire team at BCI Computers is highly satisfied with Fulminous Software's web development services and has gladly continued the relationship with 100% satisfaction. These efforts have significantly contributed to BCI Computers' success, establishing them as a leading IT solution across the USA.



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