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The 1stOrder food delivery app is an exceptional mobile application developed by Fulminous Software. The amazing food ordering experience resulting from the creativity of the Fulminous team satisfies users and offers unlimited benefits for riders, restaurants, and owners of this app. The mobile app development team of Fulminous Software integrated trending features such as live order tracking, customizable meal options, and integrated payment systems. Today, 1stOrder is a leading food delivery app in the food industry with a daily growing number of users. The skills of the Fulminous app development team make 1stOrder an exceptional choice among food delivery apps and consistently delivers high returns for its owners.

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A Cost-effective Food Delivery App

The 1stOrder is a cost-effective food delivery app developed by the talented app development team of Fulminous Software. Fulminous Software’s knowledge of the food delivery industry and proficiency in app development are the key to the successful development and productivity of the 1stOrder app.

Unique Features of 1stOrdr Food Delivery App

  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Customizable Meal Options
  • Integrated Payment Systems
  • Smart Recommendations
  • Interactive User Interface
  • Scheduled Deliveries
  • Exclusive Deals and Offers
  • Multi-Language Support
  • In-App Chat Support
  • Loyalty and Rewards Program
  • Restaurant Ratings and Reviews
  • Contactless Delivery Options
Business Type

Food Delivery

  • Mobile: Hybrid app with React Native
  • Backend: AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, .NET Core, EF Core
  • Database: MS-SQL Database
  • Deployment: Dockers, Docker-Compose, Github CI/CD Pipeline


As the food delivery industry is growing incredibly with the latest technologies, our team faced several challenges in this project. Here are the challenges we encountered in developing the 1stOrder food delivery app.


Complexity in Integration with Restaurant Systems and Real-Time Inventory Management

Integrating the app with various restaurant systems and ensuring real-time inventory management was complex. Ensuring that menu availability and stock levels were accurately reflected in the app required sophisticated synchronization mechanisms.


Handling High Volumes of Transactions and Peak Demand Surges

Managing a high volume of transactions, especially during peak times, and ensuring the system's stability under heavy load was a significant challenge. The app needed to maintain performance and reliability even during promotional events and peak meal times.


Customer Support Integration and Customizable Meal Options

Providing seamless customer support within the app and enabling users to customize their meals with various options posed dual challenges. Ensuring that both features worked smoothly without affecting user experience was crucial.


Managing Rider Availability and Route Optimization

Coordinating the availability and assignment of delivery riders and optimizing their routes for efficiency required complex logistical planning and real-time data processing.


The Fulminous Software team used these challenges as opportunities to showcase our skills and expertise. Successful completion of the 1stOrder app development project on time demonstrates our ability to overcome these obstacles. Here's how we approached these challenges.


Implemented Advanced Integration Protocols

To address the complexity of integrating with restaurant systems and real-time inventory management, our team employed integration protocols. The app development team of Fulminous Software ensured data synchronization by utilizing APIs and real-time data exchange methods.


Built a Scalable Architecture for High Traffic

To handle high volumes of transactions and peak demand surges, we designed a scalable backend architecture. The app development team of Fulminous ensured the system could handle the load by employing load balancing and efficient database management, without compromising performance.


Developed Modular Customer Support and Customization Systems

For customer support integration and customizable meal options, we adopted a modular approach. Features like chatbot allowed us to develop and implement these features independently, ensuring they could function smoothly and interact seamlessly within the app.


Optimized Rider Management and Routing Algorithms

The Mobile app development team of Fulminous Software developed sophisticated algorithms for real-time tracking and route planning and it resulted in timely deliveries and optimal use of available riders.

The Results

The 1stOrder food delivery app developed by Fulminous Software has gained a substantial user base of more than 18,000 users. This growth in the number of users has resulted in a profit for 1stOrder owners, with about 130% ROI. With over 1,400 daily orders, 600+ riders, and partnerships with more than 100 restaurants, 1stOrder has established itself as a leader in the food delivery industry. The business owners of 1stOrder are grateful to the Fulminous team for providing them with a smooth development process, affordable services, on-time delivery, and a profitable app in the rapidly growing food delivery market.



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