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Manish Kumawat

Last Updated on: 03 November 2023

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Although digital transformation is not a new need for business executives, many firms still have a long way to go. Many businesses have yet to implement digital technology and methods of functioning at scale. Or to foster a culture of change, experimentation, and continuous learning and progress. Other businesses are contemplating end-to-end reforms but are yet to progress beyond the conceptual stage.

So, how can businesses accelerate their digital transformation? The solution is to create goals for the future and to steadily build the capabilities—both technological and human—to realize it.

How to Implement Digital Transformation?

Only around 30% of businesses successfully manage a digital transformation. It's especially challenging to navigate in the middle of uncertainty—the new reality—because new behaviors and expectations emerge and change at breakneck speed. fulminous' strategy is centered on the creation of bionic companies: organizations that combine technology and human talents and apply them to all parts of their operations.

It doesn't happen all at once. Transformations are successful when they are gradual, cost-effective, and long-term. That means concentrating on outcomes: innovative brands, enhanced operations, and other use instances that, one by one, allow you to grow capabilities, value creation, and transformation buy-in.

Fulminous approach toward your digital transformation

We begin by determining where a firm exists and where it desires to go. We examine the organization's people, software, and data. At the level of its culture, management, and governance. In addition, look at industry developments and disruptions. We assist businesses in connecting their strategy for digital transformation to business objectives and goals. Fulminous is obsessed with discovering and delivering quantifiable business outcomes.


Q-1 Why Is Digital Transformation Important?

Ans- The whole economy is now digital. Businesses are always pursuing digital adoption, development, and change initiatives. As a result, the whole global economy is digitizing. In this context, digital transformation assists organizations in remaining competitive. Those who can effectively shift will survive, prosper, and succeed. Companies that are too sluggish to change will lose their competitive advantage.

Q-2 Which Industries Are Being Digitally Transformed?

Ans- From retail to marketing to healthcare, digital change is influencing every business. The effects of digital transformation vary by industry. The magnitude of its influence is determined by elements such as:

  • How technologically dependent an industry is

  • What technology does that industry employ - hardware or software

  • Advances in technology in general, and in that industry in particular

  • Regardless of the magnitude of the impact, every company is changing to some extent.

Q-3 What Are the Advantages of Digital transformation?

Ans- One of the most essential concerns is: why are we undergoing digital transformation?

Among the most significant advantages are:

  • A marketplace competitive advantage

  • enhanced technological powers and technical capabilities

  • More cost-effective and simplified business methods

  • Innovative and adaptive corporate cultures

The sooner a firm adopts digital technology, transforms its business, and evolves, the bigger the advantages.


Manish Kumawat


Expert in Software & Web App Engineering

Manish Kumawat is the co-founder at Fulminous Software. He is an expert at writing about technical stuff in the IT world. Imagine making the most complicated tech things easy to understand - that's what he do. But that's not all. He has developed and honed the company’s vision, corporate structure & initiatives, and its goals, and brought the company into the current era of success.

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